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    Vifib HowTo Request Freefib Re6st Token

    FINAL - Document showing how to request a Freefib (Re6st) token to connect a node to the Vifib network.
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    HowTo Request Freefib (Re6st) Token

    This document shows how to request a Freefib (Re6st) token on the Vifib master. The token can be used once to connect a node to the Vifib network. In order to follow the steps in this HowTo, a Vifib user account (including account activation) is required.

    Table of Content

    • Requesting a Freefib Token

    Request Freefib Token on Vifib

    To register a machine in a network a (Re6st) token is required. Currently there are different sources for obtaining a token:

    • FreeFib tokens are issued from Grandenet (trial version). These tokens are for average users, laptops, personal machines or temporary developer machines. (IPv6 starts with 2401:...). This HowTo shows how to obtain such a FreeFib token on ViFiB.
    • Private networks tokens for users running their own SlapOS Master. Steps outlined in installing SlapOS Node (Comp 123).

    Request Token

    Vifib Interface - Dashboard

    Log in to Vifib and find the Get Freefib Token on the side menu of your Vifib Dashboard. Freefib tokens are a custom extension in Vifib to directly use the Re6st based IPv6 network gateway provided by Vifib. Click the Get Freefib Token button and wait(!) until you are forwarded to the Freefib hosting subscription page.

    Vifib - Token Resource Allocation

    Vifib Interface - Token Resource Allocation

    Allocating the resources associated with a FreeFib token will require 10+ minutes. Refresh the page after a while and wait for the actual token to be displayed in the Configuration Parameters ("xxxxxxxxx" in the screenshot). You can add a short title to this hosting subscription to better identify it in case you are using multiple Vifib services. Copy the token. Before going back to the terminal, click on Services in the side menu.

    Note, that if you are using this FreeFib token, you must use the the Freefib registry ( So if you want to use the single line Re6st installer, make sure to use the installer in the gnet/ folder (meaning: when later installing Re6st on a machine with this token (it will have the correct registry URL).

    Vifib - List of Services

    Vifib Interface - Services List Freefib Token

    The token you have requested is actually an allocated computer partition on one of the servers of Vifib with specific re6st software installed. If you look at the information provided with your token, you can see that a Freefib token is enabling access to another SlapOS node providing the type of services you are using - in this case, the IPv6 gateway to communicate with other Freefib nodes.

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